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We are dedicated to helping private and public sector organisations to find innovative ways to grow and prosper.


The Insurgence team is highly active in sharing insights in a keynote capacity at public events organised by third parties. We speak extensively about Insurgence (the core), strategy design, strategy execution, innovation and leadership. Our presentation style is engaging and always rated very highly amongst delegates. Please contact us to learn more about how we might help you to bring fresh insights to your upcoming event.

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Our training focus is primarily in-house, directed at helping a client or group to up-skill their capability in a particular area (e.g., Insurgence (Disruption), strategy design, strategy execution, innovation, leadership). A few times a year we will open up this content and experience to the public for wider participation in the training. If you are interested in monitoring our training schedule or interested in a custom in-house training experience, please contact us and we will help design a unique training experience for your team.

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Our Webinars are designed to share insights and ideas on a regular basis with our clients and friends in the business community. These webinars are designed to share a central concept and to initiate discussion on the topic to facilitate a shared learning experience. As our library of webinars grows, replays will be made available for offline consumption.

Title: Strategy Has Never Been More Important

Date: 05 Mar, 2024 Time: 12:00 pm

Global disruption, war, AI, inflation, tight labour markets, changes in customer behaviour, etc. are creating profound risks and opportunities in 2024. As you enter your planning cycle for the coming financial year, we are hosting a webinar to help you to maximise value from your Board and Leadership strategic planning process and workshops to help you discover new growth and align your teams for success despite this uncertainty, including:

  • Where and how to look for growth in a volatile environment.
  • How to give your customers a seat at the table in your strategic planning.
  • The important differences between strategy and planning.
  • The role of innovation in strategy design.
  • How to mobilise your team to execute your strategy with intent.

Register here to reserve your space and keep your planning on track for 2024.

Title: Membership Innovation and Change Website

Date: 26 Mar, 2024 Time: 12:00 pm

Membership organisations and associations are under threat. Emerging competition, technology, and the changing nature of membership are challenging member-based organisations to rethink their business models to maintain relevance. In this webinar we will share our insights from more than 20 years working with member organisations, associations, and non-profits to help you explore opportunities to improve relevance, yield, and engagement. Specifically, we will cover:

  • The changing nature of “membership”
  • The advent of for-profit membership models
  • Why “more” for members is not enough
  • Innovating membership business models
  • The importance of member data and analytics

Register here to reserve your space now for this important webinar in time for your FY2025 planning.

Title: Cutting Through the AI Hype

Date: 15 Aug, 2024 Time: 12:00 pm


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Client Voices

"Matt Tice [and his team] have been with us from the beginning of our growth journey providing invaluable strategic counsel to help us grow more than 50x over five years and evolve from a small local player to a truly global enterprise operating on four continents.  Insurgence brings a unique combination of strategic insight combined with an absolute dedication to client success.  As our journey continues we will continue to draw upon the innovative and creative input that sets Insurgence apart from other advisors.”

Nigel Pollard, Chief Executive Officer, Soho Flordis International

“The Insurgence team brought us a completely fresh look at innovation and challenged our team to think in very different ways about the role of innovation in our organisation.  The unique way the Insurgence model brings innovation together with strategy and leadership was novel and insightful, but at the same time simple and easy to understand.  The depth and breadth of their knowledge on the topic was vast and helped my team break down some of our fundamental assumptions in a practical and engaging way”

Sean Ventris, Head of Legal, CSR Limited

“The team at Insurgence worked with us to develop our channel strategy at a time of significant change in our organisation.  This effort helped us think fundamentally differently about how we go-to-market, our relevance to members and the resilience of our business model. This will help us achieve the critical but difficult balance between value to our members and economic sustainability.  My team thoroughly enjoyed the process and came out of the effort with new skills that they can apply in their careers at FINSIA and beyond.  Along the way Matt Tice, in particular, has been invaluable as a leadership coach for me in my role, first General Manager, Commercial and, more recently, as Chief Executive Officer.”

Jane Endacott, Chief Executive Officer, FINSIA

I have worked with Matt Tice over nearly 15 years across four companies, each time to help me shape strategy, create alignment in the organisation and execute against very aggressive goals many people in each organisation thought were impossible to achieve.  Most recently at IDP, the team at Insurgence helped us to shape our strategy and innovate our business model as we participate in the market for the first time as a newly listed company. The “no excuses” style combined with a genuine passion for client success and results helps make Insurgence standout from other firms.”

Andrew Barkla, Chief Executive Officer, IDP

“Upon receiving a recommendation from a trusted business partner, we engaged Insurgence to help us define our winning strategy and value proposition at a critical point in our history as a company.  Insurgence gave us a new language for strategy and helped us to rapidly achieve unified clarity as a leadership team and position the business to execute on a growth strategy that will help us grow the business more than 3x in the coming three years. The Insurgence team was easy to work with and not afraid to challenge our thinking to help us get there”

Sam Bastounas, Chief Executive Officer, Axieo

"Matt Tice and the team at Insurgence helped us, at a critical time in the history of the organisation and an unprecedented time of change in our industry, to confront our role in the market as an established incumbent and to think differently about how we play and win in the future. Insurgence brought us a practical language and a simple way of thinking about strategy. Matt worked with our top 100 leaders to help sharpen our focus on current and emerging customer needs and to build buy-in and consensus on our approach to winning in our key markets. The way Insurgence worked with us enabled our internal team to build sufficient understanding of the tools and processes to take ownership and responsibility for their continued use to drive strategy through to results."

Michael Thomas, Chief Operating Officer, TAFE Queensland

"Matt is an outstanding speaker and presenter on strategy. He was able to hold the audience’s attention and give them tremendous value. Everyone took home ideas which will make their organisation’s better and more effective. If you have a chance to see Matt....don’t miss it!"

Jerry Gleeman, TEC Chairman TEC 53, KEY 106