About Us

We are dedicated to helping private and public sector organisations find innovative ways to grow and prosper.


About Insurgence

The world we live in is changing at an unprecedented rate. Traditional incumbents in historically stable industries are being reduced before our eyes by nimble and agile players that play, not only by different rules, but a totally different game. These insurgent players are changing the rules of business and upsetting these once stable systems. Incumbents are unprepared for this change.

Tomorrow's leaders will possess one characteristic that will set them apart from the field, INSURGENCE. Insurgence is the ability to play to win in an unstable environment. Insurgence is the ability to rewrite the core assumptions underpinning how customers and stakeholders are engaged. Insurgence is the ability to hyper-mobilise people and other resources to achieve results faster than your competition. We believe that incumbents can build the capability to rediscover how to become insurgents. If they don't they will not survive.

Our team brings a unique set of skills designed to help your organisation to fundamentally alter its competitive perspective. This happens at the nexus of strategy, innovation and leadership. Time is short; your incumbent mindset will not be sufficient for the future of competition. Discover how Insurgence can help you transform your organisation, before it's too late.

Our Values

Client Success.

We exist to help our clients succeed. This is the lens through which we view our world and how we measure our own success.

No surprises.

We strive for open, honest and transparent communications at all times. If we make a mistake, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Trust and Integrity.

In business, trust is the most valuable commodity. We pledge to maintain the highest possible standards in this regard and expect the same in return from our stakeholders.

More than just Business.

We love the work we do because it makes a difference. Our philosophy is that every business has a responsibility to have a positive impact in the wider community in which it operates.

Our Vision

We will transform the way organisations do business in an increasingly dynamic and unstable business environment by building a different kind of consulting organisation that changes the way professional services are delivered, for the benefit of our clients and their customers. We will help our clients to discover new ways of competing through the development of new business models and competitive paradigms, and build the next generation of leaders prepared to lead through disruption with "new power" leadership models. We will work with partners and clients to co-create this future for the good of our clients, specifically, and for the common good.

Meet Our Leaders

Matthew Tice

( Founder and Chief Executive Officer )

Matthew is based in Sydney, Australia and has extensive global experience working with clients on six continents.  When not at work he enjoys time with his family, playing rugby, sailing, flying airplanes and travelling.

Rondo Moses

( Managing Partner, North America )

Rondo is based in New York, USA and is a seasoned executive consultant with over 20 years experience helping clients design and execute strategy. Rondo enjoys working out, reading, traveling and spending quality time with family and friends.

Mathieu Liminana

( Managing Partner, Paris France )

Mathieu is based in France. Over the last 20 years he has supported countless executives in Europe and Asia Pacific shape robust and innovative strategies. Mathieu is a keen fencer, digital and analogue photographer and an unstoppable traveller.