What we do

Our practice is supported by more than 20 years of practical application in each discipline in which we participate.

Strategy Design and Execution

Strategy Design and Execution

Our approach to strategy is heavily focused on demand-side growth solutions. Insurgent strategy requires different thinking and new methods that challenge the status quo and overcome the powerful forces that prevent change in your organisation. Our “hyper-mobilisation” approach to strategy execution is designed to generate results at an accelerated pace.

Disruptive strategy design
Demand side go-to-market strategies
Market entry strategy
Channel strategy
Alliance Strategy
Portfolio design and management
Supply side operational strategy
Organisation design
Game theory/War games
Inorganic growth/Due diligence
Accelerated strategy execution
Balanced Scorecard
Global Growth Strategy


Insurgent innovation recognises that innovation is a multidimensional and multifunctional effort. Successful innovation acts like a current in an organisation flowing across disciplines but focused on achieving very specific outcomes, albeit in diverse ways. Our innovation capability spans decades and is built on experience transforming industries, governments, and organisations to achieve fundamentally different outcomes. We work as consultants, coaches, and facilitators to help our clients cultivate a winning innovation mindset, develop their innovation “muscle”, apply innovation to solve complex problems and learn how to lead and manage innovation successfully from the Board down through the organisation. Our team has experience as innovation leaders, entrepreneurs, start-up advisors and consultants to both incumbents and insurgents of all sizes.

Innovation Strategy
Business Model Innovation
Customer Innovation & Experience Design
Product development acceleration
Coaching, Facilitation, and Workshops
Process innovation
Innovation jams
Innovation culture design & discovery
Innovation diagnostics
Mobilisation and execution


Good leadership is essential for long-term survival and sustainability. At the same time, the requirements of leaders is changing at an unprecedented pace as the traditional “command and control” model of leadership gives way to the highly collaborative, organic and networked model of leadership that is the hallmark of insurgent organisations. Insurgence helps leaders to reinvent themselves, and their organisations, to compete in the age of disruption.

Leadership coaching
Leading the execution of your strategy
Overcoming embedded thinking
New power leadership models
What to do when YOU are the problem
Leading the board / executive interface

Expert Facilitation and Public Speaking

Routinely rated the top speakers amongst distinguished company, the Insurgence team are highly engaging and accomplished public speakers and facilitators. Your team will be challenged to think differently and to break down deeply held beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your best possible performance.

Public Speaking
Executive / board planning offsites
Strategic Planning Offsites
Innovation Seminars/Conferences
Strategy Seminars/Conferences
Leadership Seminars/Conferences
Custom workshops