Trend Mapping and Futurecasting ~ 19

Date: 01 Jun, 2030 Time: 12:00 pm

CEO / Insurgence Group

Matt Tice

Trend Mapping and Futurecasting

this talk is focused on how to look into the future and develop insights that drive new opportunities into your strategic planning work. In this session we deep dive into several proprietary techniques that can help expand the field of view of business leaders beyond traditional (and lazy) techniques such as PESTEL and SWOT.

“Matt is an outstanding speaker and presenter on strategy. He was able to hold the audience’s attention and give them tremendous value. Everyone took home ideas which will make their organisation’s better and more effective. If you have a chance to see Matt….don’t miss it!”

“Matt communicated/demonstrated with multiple examples key traps when it comes to designing and implementing a strategy for a business. Challenging the status quo at each level, efficiencies can be found throughout the organisation. Motivating teams and how to get the most out of the staff.”