Customer Proximity ~ 01

Date: 31 Dec, 2028 Time: 12:00 pm

CEO / Insurgence Group

Matt Tice

Customer Proximity

Moving the enterprise closer to your customers and their customers. This talk focuses on shifting maturity of the organisation beyond customer centricity and develops a philosophy and mindset where “zero distance from the customer” becomes the driving transformational force in the enterprise. This includes rethinking operating models, end-end accountability for the customer, line of sight and alignment, and how to think differently about strategy and innovation. Our clients LOVE this concept, and many have completely changed their strategies and operating models to enable customer led transformation.

“Great speaker, knows his topic really well and able to improvise with regard to direction to take a discussion for benefit of the group”

“The conversational format was a winner. your knowledge of the subject matter enabled an informal and creative discussion to flow depending on the needs of the group”