Beyond Journey Mapping ~ 9

Date: 01 Aug, 2029 Time: 12:00 pm

CEO / Insurgence Group

Matt Tice

Beyond Journey Mapping

Every marketer is obsessed with journey mapping, but most organisations fail to capitalise on thestrategic value of journey maps/ethnography instead focusing on low level pain points and customer friction with existing touch points.  While important, this tactical focus is not sufficient to harvest the potential breakthrough benefits of this approach to discover and operationalise new sources of growth and deeper engagement with customers and consumers.

“Matt communicated/demonstrated with multiple examples key traps when it comes to designing and implementing a strategy for a business. Challenging the status quo at each level, efficiencies can be found throughout the organisation. Motivating teams and how to get the most out of the staff.”

“So engaging, so applicable and so relevant to business today. loved the refreshing positive perspective when lately a lot of focus is on what’s wrong with the world.”